I was a child of the 1960’s – 70’s: The first generation of women in America discovering that they could, and perhaps should, have a career of their own outside the home. As little girls, my friends and I dreamed of our careers, not of having babies and making our husbands happy. That was what my mother did, and I looked down on her choice, though I loved her very much. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than staying home with babies, cleaning the house and cooking meals. I took no interest in any of those activities as a child or young adult. Babies were messy and annoying, and cooking was demeaning. I was well on my way building a professional career when I met the man that I wanted to marry. The only obstacle was that he wanted me to cook and to have children. I agreed to a child, but not to cooking. I ended up having three children, but I still hate to cook. (more…)

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