I offer parenting workshops to the community. Please contact me or the Parent Encouragement Program, if you would like to attend a workshop or arrange a workshop for your school or community group. Here are some of the workshops I lead:

Parent Encouragement Program:

  • Babies and Preschoolers
  • Baby Bonds and Baby Brains
  • Using Consequences, not Punishment
  • Parenting 5 – 12 Year Olds
  • Next Steps for Parenting 5 – 12 Year Olds
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Thriving with Teens
  • Anger Management
  • Raising Responsible Kids in an Overindulgent Society
  • Managing Stress and Pressure for Parents of T’weens and Teens
  • Growing with T’weens
  • Breaking Down the Barrier Between You and Your Teen
  • Dealing with Sibling Conflict
  • Power Tools for Power Struggles
  • Setting Limits to Promote Cooperation
  • Instilling Your Family Values
  • Setting Limits for Young Children

Schools that have held workshops:

  • Holton-Arms School
  • Norwood School
  • Primary Day School
  • Beverly Farms Elementary School
  • Tilden Middle School

Interested in learning more about my workshops? Contact me or the Parent Encouragement Program if you would like to attend a workshop.